I like to make cute stuff. How about you?

I like to make cute stuff. How about you?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now what?

There is a certain level of sadness once an event that you've spent months planning has come and gone. Since we traveled from NY to RI for Carlie's party, I had to pack up a lot of stuff! Now that we are home and the suitcases are unpacked and the laundry is done (finally), I still have three plastic rubbermaid bins filled with the leftover party decorations, goodies and some presents. What to do with all of these personalized goods? Some made it to the "keepsake" box, but sadly some were recycled. There are still many other items that I need to find a home for, a use for, or get rid of...sniff, sniff.

I have about four yards in total of the pink and white polka dot fabric that I used for table coverings. I wanted to take a stab at trying to make one of those adorable "age" tank tops. While I was in JoAnn Fabrics today picking up some fabulous fabrics for a baby shower that I have in the works, I decided to grab a new blade for my Circut. The deep cut blade is able to cut fabric, so I got it along with some two sided iron on adhesive. The adhesive paper was pretty thick and sturdy so I worried that the new blade wouldn't be able to cut through it.

I was correct in thinking that. I adhered the polka dot fabric to the adhesive, put it on the cutting mat and set the Cricut to cut out the number 2 in Roly Poly at six inches in size. The blade did cut through the fabric and make a nice score in the adhesive, but it did not cut through it totally. Afterwards I went with a sharp scissor and finished cutting out the number 2.

Then I adhered the 2 to the tank top and tried my hand at getting fancy with my sewing machine. I looked at the illustration of the stitches on the front of the machine and picked the one that I thought was best.

Although far from perfect, I am proud of the final result! Carlie's actual birthday is Monday the 21st so she can sport her new shirt on that day. Now...what to do with the rest of the container's contents (and the other 3.75 yards of fabric)...


  1. The party was just beautiful! I just know you will find some use for the left over items. Good job on the tank top. Carlie is a lucky little girl to have such a creative Mommy. Keep up the good work. Love Mom

  2. So cute! You could sell these!