I like to make cute stuff. How about you?

I like to make cute stuff. How about you?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Loving the little details!

I can hardly believe that my baby girl is turning 2 in just a few weeks! I've been VERY busy thinking about her party. In fact, it's a bit of a problem :) I think I started thinking about her birthday about 6 months before it was going to happen. I mean, how am I supposed to collect all the perfect details if I don't give myself plenty of time? At first her party was going to be all about Elmo, and then I changed my mind. Then it was going to be very colorful and flowery, and then I changed my mind about all the color. The main color has always been red but the supporting colors (and theme) have changed. The final invitation design was inspired by these red flower invitations that I found at Target for $1.48 per set of 10! Holy cow! Can you believe that price? I bought nine sets because that is ALL they had ;) and figured I could use them for decorations as well as in my invitation design. I did however notice yesterday that they are now selling for $5.99(ish) a pack so clearly it was a mistake in price when I purchased them. The REAL reason I got them was for the envelopes. Envelopes can be expensive so I have been known to buy packages of invitations or thank you cards JUST for the envelopes. At like six cents an envelope I could not go wrong with these. Plus I thought they were SUPER cute. So for today I would like to give you a sneak peek at what our guests saw when they received their invitation in the mail. I LOVE getting cute mail. The bills...I save them for my husband :)

Did I mention that I am hosting this party at my in-laws' house - six and a half hours away from my own house? I have rubbermaid bin after rubbermaid bin filled with party details that need to be transported (along with all of the other necessary items for a road trip). My poor mother-in-law has been so patient with my requests - like measuring the length, width and height of a table so I could get my table cloth perfect :) I'm lucky they love me.

I'll post more of the details of Carlie's party soon!


  1. Where did you get your cute return labels and mailing labels??

  2. Hello!
    I designed the return address labels myself on regular Avery labels and I made the address labels from these that I purchased on Etsy (they come in all different colors).


    I used a text box in Microsoft Word to type the address on the polka dot journal label that I bought and printed them on regular paper. I cut them out on my paper cutter and then sprayed the back with spray adhesive (one of my favorite products IN THE WORLD) and stuck them to the envelopes! I also bought the flower clipart on the return address labels from the same Etsy shop.


    Hope that helps!