I like to make cute stuff. How about you?

I like to make cute stuff. How about you?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Easter: Everybunny will need a place to sit

I love the pastels of the springtime. When I first entered my dining room after it was painted a few years back, I was horrified at the color. It was supposed to be a honeydew melon green, but instead it was a cross between pale fluorescent green and yellow lemonade. I would be lying if I said it didn't cause me many sleepless nights and thoughts of repainting it on my own in the wee hours of the morning. I came to my senses and decided to make it work. Lucky for me, it always looks springy in there so decorating for Easter is fitting. All of the beautiful springtime displays in the stores remind me that Easter is just around the corner. It seems so far away considering we already got about 15 inches of snow in the past day. Although I have already hung my Happy Easter banner in my dining room, purchased some Cadbury mini eggs (which, by the way, have been moved to the freezer downstairs), and put out some pretty light pink roses, it looks more like Christmas outside than any signs of the Easter Bunny's arrival. But that's just here in upstate NY, or the tundra, as I like to call it. You may be somewhere warm where visions of Easter Egg Hunts seem more of a reality. Weather aside, Easter is coming in just over a month. Have you made your Easter dinner plans yet? If you are hosting dinner at your house, how about sprucing up your springtime tablescape with some adorable place cards? I feel in love with this design last year and tried my best to recreate it. I'll look through some old pictures to see if I can find one to show you my modified version. The Bunny place card might be the perfect addition to your Easter table. I think it would compliment this one nicely. Your guests, no matter how many, will be delighted to see they have a special "place" at the table. It probably wouldn't hurt to hide a chocolate treat underneath the tented card as well. Nobunny can refuse chocolate at Easter!

"The Bunny" place card can be customized in any pastel color scheme. Contact me through my Etsy shop at savemeaseat.etsy.com to place your order. The Bunny is priced at $2.00 per card or sold in sets of 20 for $37.50.


  1. Oh how I love mini eggs. These cards are fabulous. Do they come in purple? :)