I like to make cute stuff. How about you?

I like to make cute stuff. How about you?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Chalkboard Art

I'm a little in love with creating chalkboard works of art.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party Pics: Alexandra's 5th Birthday

Alexandra's mom, Lori, was kind enough to share pictures of her birthday banner proudly displayed at the entrance to the pool party and the favor tags that I made to go with the hot pink beach towels that Alexandra gave out to all of her friends. Isn't that a cute idea for a pool party favor? I thought so!

Birthday banners are a great way to personalize your child's party. Each banner is custom made to match the event. After the party, banners make for a great decoration in your child's room!

Basic banners are priced by the number of letters you would like:
up to 10 letters is $30
11 - 15 letters is $35
16 - 20 letters is $40
21 - 25 letters is $45
(There are additional charges for shipping and for specialty papers, such as pearlized, which require outside printing.)

Even if I am not designing your invitations, I can create a banner to match the invitations you selected to send. Just send me a picture of it and I'll put my thinking cap on!

Pink & Green Sparkle Thank You Notes

I hope that Alexandra's 5th Pool Party was an absolute blast! These are the matching thank you cards that went along with her pink and green Lilly Pulitzer inspired invitations. Happy Birthday Alexandra!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Guest Feature: Sunshine & Lemonade

Sunshine & Lemonade so simple, right? Jess, from Pen n' Paper Flowers, created this amazing party for her daughters' combined birthday party - simple, elegant, fun and flowing for an intimate group of girls. I. LOVE. This. Party.

I can't get it out of my head! Just look at this setting. She DRAGGED this furniture out to this spot and turned this otherwise ordinary shady spot under a tree into a magical place of Sunshine & Lemonade. I also love Jess's writing style. She's a mom through and through, with a creative spirit like no other and a deep love for her three girls. Plus, she just finished up a fitness challenge that she designed for herself - the 343 challenge. I admire this woman!

Once you enter her blog you will get lost in her work. Her youngest daughter's first birthday party will knock your socks off. Unbelievable. The best part about this is you can PURCHASE her designs in her etsy shop. She'll tailor it to your event and you buy the FILE and print it yourself at home. Way to be economical!

Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and visit Jess at her site. You'll be there a while!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beachy Bridal Shower

Michelle's great high school friend Heather is getting married! She was kind enough to put Heather's mom in touch with me for the invitation design. Cathy (Heather's mom) gave me complete creative freedom (I love that) with a request for something beachy and perhaps, purple. It's kind of a funny story, actually. In her email to me she didn't use the word beachy, she was much cuter and asked for something "seashore-ish." I read it as SEAHORSE and I spent an entire evening trying to come up with a pretty seahorse design and failed miserably. I wrote to her the next day and asked how she felt about starfish, instead of seahorses, and she said anything beachy would do. When I went back and read the initial email I realized my mistake and was kicking myself for losing a whole night of designing. I found this beautiful clipart from Pumpkin Coach's Etsy shop and knew I had to work with the lavender coral. This is the final result! I was in love with the design, and thankfully, so was Cathy! I also designed matching thank you cards and cookie tags for the delicious biscotti that Michelle baked for the event. Heather's shower was last weekend. Michelle is serving as Heather's Matron of Honor and had a hand in planning the menu for the shower. Check out her post. The food sounds fantastic! Congratulations Heather and Jeff!